"A portrait represents an intimate moment, a reflection of your personality.
To capture your natural expressions and the essence of what makes you unique, I use a personal and unobtrusive approach to make you feel comfortable.
Each person is unique and so is each photo shoot."




Welcome to Camille Photography. Beauty in everyone.

"I am a French photographer based in Sydney.

I started off in a totally different industry, in a different country, with different objectives.
Through the years, I have discovered a passion for photography, made a 180 degrees turn, and decided to follow my heart.
I left my day job and became a photographer.

My love for the craft started in Korea, where I bought my first digital camera. Portraits, landscape, objects, critters, everything looked so interesting through the lens.

Since then, I have been dedicating my life to portraits photography: capturing fragments of life, the beauty in everyone...


I’d love to hear from you. You can easily reach me here.