Boudoir is the celebration of a woman's glamour and intimacy. The images are a fine-art representation of yourself. It can be either nude or with lingery, or even a few pieces of clothes like a man's shirt, a tie, etc. The photoshoot can be as revealing or as covered as you want, with one idea in mind: glamour, glamour, glamour!
This is the time when you can get all your sexy lingerie out!

It is a private treat for yourself, a time to be pampered, and it also makes for the perfect gift for you partner, be it for Valentine's day, anniversary or just like that! It's a great confidence booster too!

For YOU! Yes, you are glamorous, this is in you, everyone is beautiful! You certainly do not need to be a model to do a Boudoir shoot. In fact, all body shapes can be finely complemented with the right lighting and poses. Most of my clients are women who “always wanted to” but thought they “never could”. Even if you think you’re “not photogenic” — we will uncover your inner goddess and  you’ll  absolutely love your images!


Want to feel gorgeous and be empowered through a unique and exciting experience?

Craving for beautiful images that you can be proud of and will happily show off to everyone?

Want an intimate secretive keepsake memento for yourself or a special gift that will blow your hubby away?

You got it. Let's do it!


Each shoot is a celebration of the woman in you, with memories that will last for a life time.

You do not have to commit to a specific Collection now, you can choose once you see your photos! I am confident that you will have an amazing experience and will love your images. The photography session includes 2 hours of fine Boudoir photography, professional hair and make-up by our lovely stylist and  about 30 beautifully hand-retouched images.

There are several Collections available. They all include beautiful hand-picked products that will delight you!

Contact me here to book your ideal time and share with me all the details of your dream photoshoot!