Maria M.

"A huge thank you to Camille for capturing these wonderfully
glamourous photos! The boudoir photos that Camille took surpassed my expectations in every way!
Camille made me feel extremely comfortable with every image that we took.  It was a lot of fun and she did a superb job of capturing my many different personalities in each of the photos. Thank you for such wonderful photos, I adore them.

Jacquelyn R.

"This photoshoot was an amazing experience, leading me to gain confidence in a rather unusual situation. Camille was great at creating an intimist yet fun atmosphere while respecting my privacy and I really appreciated her flow of ideas and her guidance during the shoot. The pictures are wonderful and I really like having a flattering memento of this time of my life!"

Janine T.

"Camille truly made me feel at home, making the whole experience very
enjoyable. Even as someone who is shy when it comes to stripping down a little more in front of people, this was no problem at all...Camille knew how to make me forget that there was a camera in front of me and just have fun. Definitely a memorable experience and recommended for anyone who might want to add a little spice to their life or share with their partners!

Lilah T.

"Camille is very friendly and professional. She was able to capture my best profile and made me feel comfortable to pose for the camera."